I may be a shitty person but there’s no one who’ll love you more than a lover could give.




Actual PSA. 

this is something that’s really important for people to understand, and that most people don’t

Actual queen

oh yea this
'You look bored what's wrong?' Nothing I'm just comfortable with being quiet leave me alone

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Things Girls Have To Do In The Shower:
-shampoo hair
-condition hair
-wash the face (have you ever tried to get makeup off)
-wash the body
-try to get conditioner out & fail to get it all out
-did i mention shave that takes a long time
-like summon satan and stuff

Things Boys Have To Do In The Shower:
-i dunno i think my brother uses soap sometimes

Don’t complain when my shower’s not 5 minutes long

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"sad songs for sad days" playlist

i miss you // blink-182

miserable at best // mayday parade

asleep // the smiths

breathe me // sia

terrible things // mayday parade

lover dearest // marianas trench

remembering sunday // all time low

wake me up // ed sheeran

if it means a lot to you // a…

"Because it’s your eyes, that I don’t believe"

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the funniest thing in twilight is when bella thinks that the guy she has a crush on might be a vampire so she goes home and just googles the word “vampire” it’s ridiculous but also exactly what I would do in that situation

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when someone you don’t like loves the same song as you


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Hotel Books

Hotel Books